Mireille Eid


Video 7 min. installation



In Blush, one of the sympathetic nervous system's responses is given space for the expression of anger and shame in the female body. The manifestation of blushing as a singularly gendered misrepresentation of what is considered to be signals of modesty, erotic embarrassment, or escalations of female beauty, is questioned. Elspeth Probyn contends that shame is a resource in rethinking who we are and who we want to be (Probyn, 2005). And whereas female anger and shame have been and continue to be ignored (4th wave feminism is still addressing income gap for example), its appearance in the body in the form of blushing continues to be misinterpreted and appropriated. Blush is an artwork that brings to the fore, one of capitalism’s most recognisable instruments — the stock market — to signify the dialectics of female anger and shame. Here, I seek to reposition this emotion in the context of proactive empowerment as opposed to the passive consumption and representation of female beauty.

Probyn, E. (2005). Blush: faces of shame. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press.

©Mireille Eid


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