Mireille Eid



Publications by Mireille Eid (Formerly Mireille Astore)

"Signs and Whispers: Membranes for the Immaterial Life." Third Text July 2012: 26 (4): 431-441.

"3494 Houses + 1 Fence” in Resistance III – Paris: Lowave DVD label. 2010, 6 min.

“A Moment of Mourning on the Threshold of the Pure Gift” in Imagined Australia. R. Summo O’Connell (Ed.) Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang Publishers, 2009: 15-25.

Co-guest editor Artlink 2008: Vol 28 no. 1.

“Art, Autobiography and the Maternal Abject” in Arab Women’s Lives Retold: Exploring Identity Through Writing.
New York: Syracuse University Press,2007: 222-238.

“In This House: A Conversation with Akram Zaatari" eyeline 2006, 60: 18-20.

“A Conversation with Steve Kurtz" eyeline 2006, 26 (2): 95-96.

“When the Artwork Takes the Pictures" Law, Text, Culture Journal 2006, 10: 239-258.

“Tampa: When Gazes Collide" In "Art in the Age of Terrorism" Graham Coulter-Smith & Maurice Owen (Eds) 2005, London: Paul Holberton Publishing & University of Washington Press: 179-193."

“The Foreigner I Know" Hecate 2005, 31 (1): 17-22.

The poems: "Dawn", "A Feathered Postcard", "My Bones", "I Wonder" (Translated in Arabic)In An-Nahar Daily Newspaper – special feature on Arab Australian writing, 2005, Beirut.
"Apparitions: Racial Otherness and its Discontent" In CAESS Conference: Scholarship & Community. Michael Atherton (Ed). 2005, Sydney: University of Western Sydney.
"When Gazes Collide" In Scan: the online journal of media arts culture 2005, Macquarie University.

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