Mireille Eid

Unfashionable Observations After Friedrich Nietzsche

Video Installation: 8 min. video. 20 min. Sound Recording.

Exhibition: AlchemySydney College of the Arts Gallery – 11 – 27 July 2012.

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In Unfashionable Observations, After Friedrich Nietzsche, we choose to work from within the institutional context in which we find ourselves–currently a place of learning/teaching and formerly one of incarceration/madness. Our work adopts conventional tools of art school pedagogy–the spoken and written word, visual imagery and, in particular, the now anachronistic tool of double slide projection–in an experimental, open-ended way. Via a non-linear, spatial and temporal narrative we attempt to engage with Nietzsche, the untimely philosopher and, in company with his editor, translator and publisher, to decipher his unpublished writings on mathematics, sensation and misapprehension.

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche, vol. 11, Unpublished Writings from the Period of Unfashionable Observations” trans. Richard Gray (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1995).

Mireille Eid & Anne Ferran


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